All the evidence reveals that LipoMelt will effectively drain the contents from the treated fat cells.  


But it requires a healthy lymphatic system and liver to move the contents away and out the body.


The average overweight individual needs assistance with this process and for that reason, we suggest an additional step... compression.


This can be in the form of high quality compression garments or compression wraps.

Even though wrapping the client requires a little more effort... we have found that it’s well worth it.

Remember... wrapping follows immediately after the LipoMelt treatment.


Recommended Accessories

Heating Unit
Saran Wrap
Medical Tape
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For More Information, call Richard Kelly at:  (352) 270-2144

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The Ideal Light is an FDA registered product under Registration Number 10061373.

It's registered as a Class II medical device and is indicated for use in the therapeutic relief of
muscle and joint pain and increasing of blood circulation.  

The device is considered to be a Physical Medicine Therapeutic device.  

We are currently still pending FDA Clearance in regards to “Red Light LED Family of Products".

The clearance is for use as a non-invasive dermatological aesthetic treatment used in the reduction of the circumference of hips, waist, and thighs” as per our indications for use statement submitted with the FDA in our 510K Clearance application.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are different from laser diodes and are not subject to the Federal laser product performance standard.  An ordinary source of visible light, like the sun or a light bulb, emits a mixture of invisible and visible light like waves. These waves have varying lengths and move in all directions. These differing “wavelengths” produce different types of light, such as ultraviolet, violet, blue, green, red, and infrared.

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